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marker spacing (bug?)

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I have a program that periodically gets updated with different z scale intensity graph max and min values (which are used to establish the range of a color table) .  I want the user to have the option of specifying the number of marker intervals but I seem to have run into a bit of a bug.  As it turns out, "uniform marker spacing" is not in fact uniform if the scale goes into the negative range.  It seems that the scale must always increment with respect to the 0 marker regardless of where i specify the start range property to be.  


Case in point, look at the VI I've attached.  I have a scale from - 100 to 100, and I try to divide it into 5 even intervals. Ideally, the scale markers would just read 100, 60, 20, -20, 60, 100.  Instead, because it chooses to always use 0 as the increment reference, it reads 100 80, 40, 0, 40, 80, -100.  Does anyone know of a way around this?

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I haven't tested the following theory:


A scale has 5 properties: Min, Max, Major Increment, Minor Increment, Start.


I think that the Start will allways be at a marker value, so I think that changing the Start to 'Min' will get you where you want.



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I was already aware of these 5 properties (I was using Start on my program), but I went ahead and tried it on the test program and of course it worked...So there was a problem with my original program.   


As it turns out, you have to specify the increment property BEFORE you specify the start property, otherwise the scale will be screwed up.  Once I changed my program's property node order from start then increment to increment then start, everything was fixed. 



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