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map with labview

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I want to make a ground control system, but altitude information is not received in samples made with Gmap.Net. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

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Have you had a look at the toolkit?


There are some limitations to the free API.

Patrick Allen:
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Yes, I looked but google is asking for an api key here. This means it always works while connected to the internet. It will not work without internet. I want to make a map for free and without internet connection.
Another example I am currently using refers to the files GMap.NET.Core.dll (v1.7.0.0) - GMap.NET.WindowsForms.dll (v1.7.0.0). I am trying to build the application from the referenced files but I want to get the altitude information and download a map area when connected to the internet and then use it without internet. How can I do that?

Thanks for your attention.

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Anyone interested in the file?

Has anyone made an application with this file?

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