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lvlibp not readable only in Linux

It might help if you could attach the LLB files.  What happens if you try and open directly from the LLB, does it open correctly?

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LLBs found their demise for good reason.


Do you have an absolute need to go with the LLB over just a standard lvlib?

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smoot: yes, IP_wrapper opens cleanly from the LLB manager.



natasftw: I was using an lvlibp, but have a need to do a portion of my build automatically on Linux; Linux sees the lvlibp as invalid, presumably because it targeted Windows when it was built.  The llb was an attempt to abstract out that functionality without precompiling.


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Here's an example (in 2014) I tried to throw together to mimic your setup.  You just need to build the EXE and run it.


Am I on the right track or did I miss something?

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I certainly appreciate the time you took to develop that...I'll check it out.


I ended up getting a virtual windows server setup, and that allows me to do anything LabVIEW related in Windows, while also accessing text files that are modified in Linux by virtue of the fact that Windows and Linux both have access to the network drives.  So far it seems to be working well.

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