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lvlibp build was unsuccesful : Error 56002 (solution and step-step to build a packed library)


I was building packed libraries in preparation of converting TestStand LabVIEW adapter to use LabVIEW RTE and ran into this problem many times, I hope this solution helps somebody! 

Error 56002Error 56002



Error 56002 occurs when building a packed library. 



The source library has 1 or more VI's that need to be opened and saved as being members of that library. 


Steps to create a packed library: 

1. Create a LabVIEW project, save it with a name. (preferably in same directory as source files)

2. Create a Library file in the project. Save it. 

3. Add files to the Library file. Save library again. 

4. Open the Library file. Open each VI from the LIbrary. If prompted to update the VI to be part of the Library.... answer Update.

5. Save the Library file. 

6. [in the Project] Create the Packed Library build specification. 

7. Successfully build the packed library! 


Sr Test Engineer at American Innovations - LabVIEW CLA - Kudo's are appreciated!!
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Thank you for helping the community. 

Anthony M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Yo have my Kudos sir!

I replaced one vi in my project which was also part of the library. I needed to open the library and then from it open the vi I replaced. I was prompted to update the path and after this the build was successful.

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thanks past self!!    fixed this same problem today, LabVIEW 2019 now (was LV 2016 back in 2017.. )

Sr Test Engineer at American Innovations - LabVIEW CLA - Kudo's are appreciated!!
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My kudos as well.




Why does LabVIEW have to be so obscure about this ( and other messages)?


"An error has occurred"   Really?   THAT'S NOT HELPFUL.


The "Expand for more info" gives a bunch of useless info (unless you're debugging the AppBuilder itself).  THAT'S NOT HELPFUL.


It does give the "error 56002", though - thanks for that, at least.


So let's click on the "link below" and go to < > and enter "error 56002" or just "56002".


Surprise!  Your search found NO RESULTS.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  THAT'S NOT HELPFUL.


Sometimes I see the dialog state "An item with that path is already in the project"  REALLY?  Do I really have to explain to NI that naming that item or that path would be helpful ?

Steve Bird
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