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long loop fp 2000

I want to run a big for loop(10000 and above) to read FPDI301 and FPAI100. when I run the VI from the PC everything is OK. When I switch on FP2000 as operating target, even if the loop ends normaly (at least looks like) a big amount of tha latest data (not always the same) is missing. i can not retrieve them on indicators. Could you explain why? What are limitation on data and program size into the FP2000 memory ?
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The FP-20xx series modules have 8 Megabytes of User RAM. This RAM is used both for the User program and any data for the user program.

In your VI, if the loop executes 10,000 times, you will generate three 10,000 element arrays of a cluster containing two U32's (8 bytes) and nine singles (32 bytes). That is 1.2 Megabytes not including the overhead for the cluster information. This also does not include the additional data when you create a new cluster that includes all of the old cluster's data.

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