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logging thermocouples with phidget temperature sensor 4-Input

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to monitor 4 thermocouples using a phidget temperature sensor (as linked below). I'm very new to LabView and I appear to be unable to make any progress. The examples that came with the phidget thermocouple interface do not suit my need and also appear to have errors in them.


All suggestions are welcome and any help would be greatly appreaciated.



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Hi Richard,


I am an Applications Engineer at National Instruments and am looking into your query. To interface your temperature sensor to LabVIEW you would need to install the required drivers. This can be found in the link below.

Once you have done this, the examples should run fine, but if not, please let me know which example you are looking at and we can try to find a potential solution.


Best regards,



Applications Engineer
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Thanks for your responce Nabilah,


I reinstalled the drivers and that appears to have stopped the errors I was getting.


I have adjusted program to my suit my needs and it seems to be running fine.


If I have any further queries I'll let you know.


Kind regards,


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Hi Nabilah,


it looks like this post is out of date but I'd like to continue this thread if possible.
In my case the Phidget 1048 LabView example works fine with 1st input only.


The problem is that example VI is not well commented and I can't understand how to get the signal from other inputs. I have tried to change "serial number" value but it turns "Attached?" indicator into the false and I can't see any readouts.


Can you suggest how to readout all 4 channels simultaneously under LabView?




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