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lock in amplifier

I wan to use of  lock-in amplifier SR830 in the three omega experiment and I need to have a range of frequency and fo reach frequency I want to measture

thrid harmonic voltage. I connect the lock-in amplifier to the function generator and run the sweep frequency program of Function generator 33120A.


I wounder how I can get the frequency through lock-in amplifier and measture the thrid harmonic voltage for each frequency the function generator sweep.


Many thanks for your reply.



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the sr 830 can be locked to a source (on the rigth side of the front panel you can swicth from internal synch and external synch); you have to put a TTL signal through a BNC near the synch selection)

then, get the SR 830 driver, and lear how to control it through labview



PS if you are thinking of the three omega as proposed by cahill, make sure you have the correct formula, there is a factor of 2 error in the dT formula, corrected in another subsequent paper by cahill

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