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load .mat data (binary) in labview 8.5



I would like to use Labview 8.5 to load binary data saved in .mat. I've searched in the forum but found the matlab dataplugin would not work for Labview 8.5. Could someone please help? Thanks.

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What I did when my son sent me a bunch of .mat files to visualize in LabVIEW was to write a simple "mat_to_dat.m" script that finds all files ending in .mat, and for each one,

  1. Loads the .mat file and gets a handle to it.
  2. Opens for writing a file with the same name, but a .dat extension as a binary file.
  3. Does an fwrite using the .mat file handle's information (name and class).

These, then, are straight Binary files that LabVIEW can read (assuming you know the (binary) format for the files.


Bob Schor

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