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lmutil - is it possible to get it for NI licenses?

We use lmutil to get program usage data using our monitoring software on out other licensed software.  
I see posts from 2009 saying it is available but we do not have a copy of it with our NI license files.
Was it removed?  Is there a compatible version of it that is available?

Is there a way for a separate program to get current license usage for the NI programs via the VLM?

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I guess lmutil is part of FLEXlm (that what google search returned), in that case you need the FLEXlm version of VLM instead of NI's own VLM.

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NI's version is based on FlexLM, although I'm pretty sure they use an older version than what Flexera (the final owner of FlexLM) currently sells.


But a lot of the infrastructure around the FlexLM core is NI proprietary and I kind of doubt that standard FlexLM tools will still simply work with it.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I have not been able to get a verification from NI support that the command I need is part of their LM package.
Finding them very unuseful.

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