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list files in heirarchy

I want to be able to write to a file a list of the full path and names of all vis in a heirarchy or llb.  Is there a way to do this?
Bill F
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Write a small utility program that uses the All VIs in Memory property to extract a list of all the VIs that are open and then one at a time open a reference to a VI from that list read its path, append it to a string, and close the reference. All you have to do is open the hierarchy and run the utility. Alternately, you could have the utility load the top level VI in the hierarchy into memory too...

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I would suggest getting the OpenG libraries from First download OpenG Commander and then update all libraries. There is an application control library that will list all vi's in a hierarchy.
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Thanks for both answers.  I used a combination of both.  The openG tool is good but only provides the file name, not the path.  But it had in it the logic for the approach suggested by Mike, which I adapted.


Bill F

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That's excellent Bill!  Perhaps you'd be willing to share what you came up with.  You might save someone a bit work in the future.
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Ok here it is.  Very simple.  Pass in a path name and it generates a text file with the path to all the vis loaded
Bill F
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