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limited to one enum type def per panel

I placed two enum controls on a panel and edited them with my desired values.  I was able to right-click and "advanced-customize"one into a type def ctl file.  When I right-clicked on the second enum, "customize" was grayed out.  No problem.  I saved my first type def, then deleted and created the two enum controls, made the second enum into a type def and save it.  I then deleted both enum controls, dragged and dropped the two type def controls on to my panel.  However, now, I can right click on one control and find the "type def" menu options but the other control has the usual non-type def menu options.  I redid the drag-and-drop and reversed the order of which control was place on the panel.  It seems that the second type def dropped on to the panel retains its 'type def'-ness and the first control becomes a simple enum control.  Does LV only allow for one type def per VI?


I'm using Labview 8.6.1



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update:  I've discovered that if I customize one control into a type def, save the type def, delete the original control, then drag-and-drop the type def onto the panel, I can have more than one type def in the VI.
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You can have as many typedefs as you want, and you don't need to be deleting anything. The limitation is with the right-click operation of Advanced->Customize. This is limited to only one control editor window open at a time. You can still open up a new control editor window for a second typedef using the File->Open menu option.


This limitation has been addressed in the LabVIEW Idea Exchange.

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