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less voltag in J502/DIO sbRIO 9636 (NI LabVIEW RIO Evaluation Kit )



I bought the NI LabVIEW RIO Evaluation Kit (with sbRIO9636). I have problem with the sbRIO9636. The voltag in J502,DIO Pin 49 and 50 is less than 5V (just 1.7V). so VCC of the LabVIEW RIO Evaluation board with a digital encoder, LCD screen, function generation, etc. can't get the enough voltag (5V) und can't work.


For example >VCC of LCD screen is just 1.7 V and not to work. So this is a Hardware problem? Can man solve the problem?


Thank you!!



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Hello KellyDog,


on this connector you get 3,3V with 3mA on the pins (manual page 51-52  cRIO-9636)


You can look on this side Mixed Voltage Systems: Interfacing 5V and 3.3V Devices

there is eplained how the voltage can be converted


I hope this helps.

best regards
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Hi Duffy and KellyDog,


+5V should be available on the pins and connector that Duffy is referencing.  




Couple of questions.  Is anything connected to the sbRIO-9636 in addition to the power cable?  Does the unit boot and connect to your host PC over ethernet?  If the +5V power supply was damaged and only supplying ~1.7V, I wouldn't expect the board to boot, as all the onboard power supplies are derived from that rail.  Has anything happened to the board that would cause you to suspect power supply damage?  There is a fuse on the +5V pins, so is it possible that the 5V supply pins were accidentally shorted to ground, potentially damaging the fuse?  If so, this board would need to be returned for repair (RMA) as the fuses are not user servicable. 





National Instruments

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As Spex stated, if you are reading 1.7 VDC on pins 49 and 50 on the J502 DIO connector, it is likely caused by shorting either of these pins to ground, partially blowing the +5V power rail fuse. This would result in a lower voltage on these pins.


Another question to follow up on is if you have ever disconnected the Eval kit's daughter board from the sbRIO-9636? If so, is it possible that the connectors were aligned properly and not one or two pins off?

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