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launch real time application from host computer

Is there a way to launch a real time application (with FPGA components) from the host applicaiton.  It seems like the only way to do this is to start the real time application running on the RT-Target, and then start up the host (or vice versa).  It would be nice if there was a slick way to start a RT program like you can an FPGA program. 


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You can use VI Server to remotely run VIs or executables on an RT target. First you have to make sure that the real-time application and all of it's dependencies are on the RT target. Usually you would want to build an executable or a source distribution which would ensure all the dependencies are packaged up. Then you can FTP the application to the target and run it through VI Server. To simplify all of that, look at KB 40FDNIQS: Remotely Running an RT Application. It has a utility to run an RT application remotely by doing all of that for you. It can be called with command line arguments to simply integrate it into your app, or you can incorporate the source code but you'll need the Internet Toolkit to use the source since it uses that for FTP.
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