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launch clone vi

I was able to launch multiple instances of the same vi each one with their own frontpanel with the VI templates: basically you create a vi, rename its  extension from .vi to .vit and reentrant, and launch each instance with vi server (options = 0x8).


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Spinnet i sent you is same thing as Bob explained.

So you already have the code.

Nice way to do it Marco !




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When I first got started with what I now call "spawning Clones", I also used VI Templates.  The problem is (a) this is pretty old and "clunky" technology, and (b) this does not play well with executables.  Fortunately (for me) Start Asynchronous Call had made it into the mix, and when I saw how easy and robust that was (no need to rename a VI to .vit, just change an Execution property) and that it worked identically in Development and Run Time, I abandoned the VI Template method.


Bob Schor

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Well i think that maybe sometimes old methods are fast to realize and work not too bad...since my exe is still running on customer side after 4 years! Bye m.

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If you have an event loop in your clone, you can also use View>>Event Inspector  Window. Each clone have its own instance in the ring.




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