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latency in read buffer CTR any remedy?

HI from Belgium!
I am currently developing a vi using circular buffer data acquisition
for a a GPCTR of a MIO card.
A part of the vi diagram can be viewed at
This vi is called by another one for data processing and displays.
Trouble comes with the latency of ReadBufferCTR when many counts are
requested (# revs) and pulse rate into the GATE is low.
Mouse motion is erratic which annoys me when trying to act on controls
of the calling vi.
What would be the best way to defeat this latency? Run a third-party vi
that cycles until a boolean global is modified when quitting
ReadBufferCTR or some better way to get a proper handshake. I can't see
how events, semapho
res and other tools can help me here.
Any suggestion is heartily welcome.

Regards Meilleures salutations Met vriendelijke groeten Mit freundlichen
Gérard D'Ans
Laborelec: 32 2 3820568 fax 32 2 3820241
Université Libre de Bruxelles: 32 2 6502515
fax 32 2 6502710
URL site:
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