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.labviewrc configuration for multiple labVIEW

I've installed both labVIEW 6.1 and 8.0 in linux opensuse 10.0, but I found out some configuration problem.
In the .labviewrc file (in the user home directory) there are the environment settings, starting with
  • labview6 for the lv 6.1 ones
  • labview8 for the lv 8.0 ones
  • labview for the settings common to the two versions (I suppose)
I want to configure the TCP/IP under VI Server, and I need two different ports for lv 6.1 and lv 8.0. But I noticed that in the .labviewrc file these settings are
  • labview.server.tcp.enabled
  • labview.server.tcp.port
common to the two labVIEW versions.

I tried to replace them with labview6 and labview8 entries;
I tried to copy them in two .labviewrc files in the labview installation directories;
... unfortunately unsuccessfully Smiley Sad
These settings hasn't been recognized, and two new labview.server.tcp.enabled and labview.server.tcp.port entries has been created in the user home folder.

How can I configure two different TCP/IP ports for lv 6.1 and lv 8.0 under linux?

In claris non fit interpretatio

Using LV from 7
Using LW/CVI from 6.0
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Hello Vix,
sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Linux environment but let's see if I can help you as well: does the .labviewrc file contain some VI server-related entries spefic for labview6 and labview8 and not common to both versions? Can you attach your .labviewrc file so I can take a deeper look into it?
Best Regards,
Fabio M.
National Instruments
Principal Systems Engineer
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all the VI server-related entries are common.
See attached

In claris non fit interpretatio

Using LV from 7
Using LW/CVI from 6.0
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