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can anybody help in basic demo of myrio for begineers

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Have you searched the Web or read the documentation you get with a myRIO?  Are you a student?  Have you talked to your instructor or classmates?  Are you looking for a Personal LabVIEW Guru (if so, please learn how to spell LabVIEW ...)



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i need to know the basic VI of LabVIEW that can be used in myrio 

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@umer777 wrote:

i need to know the basic VI of LabVIEW that can be used in myrio 

  1. Open Web Browser (can be Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera ...).
  2. In Search bar, type "myRIO demo".
  3. Read or view videos.
  4. Learn.

Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author umer777

Bob's explanation may seem a bit harsh, but there is reason for it.  Many single aspects of LabVIEW could be used as a career for the rest of your life.  Asking for "basic VI of LabVIEW" is like asking the basic wrench for fixing a car.


Here is some free training on the myRIO essentals guide.  It has examples, documentation and youtube videos.


It is by no means a complete guide to LabVIEW.  I'm at my 14th year of doing this daily, and am still learning.


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Thank you ,

Really appreciate it

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