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labview with sql

Gm all.. I am new to labview.. I have data in excel sheets which i have stored in sql by creating a database.. Now i need to extrace data directly from database and display on front panel using labview.. I have gone through the examples given but it shows to use access files(.udl).. is there any way that i can do this without using access files.. If anyone has done this.. please help me.. thanks in advance

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Your question should really be in the LabVIEW software discussion forum.

That said, the database connection VI's don't have to use a udl file, you can wire a string constant to them.  If you need help with the connection string, I'd suggest you look here, which has loads of examples:

Jon D
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Thankyou very much 🙂

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As mentioned you can use a String constant, but a simple way to get this string is to create a .udl file and then open it in a text editor, the connection string is clear text in it. 🙂


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Thankyou very much 

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