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labview with quadstar 422

labview with quadstar 422

I am using Balzers quadrapole mass spectrometer.  As my project I want to  get data from Quadstar 422 to the labview with DDE (direct data exchange) But I do not have any idea how to start and how to make my design path. I would be greatfull if some LabVIEW experts help.

note:every small help is also good for me. I am new user of Labview.


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Re: labview with quadstar 422

First startingpoint: search the NI Dev Zone   with DDE you get (for example)

Contact the manufactor, ask for DDE examples (even some C or VB examples can help)



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Re : labview with quadstar 422

Hi Methaus & others,

I would be interested to know more about possibilities to integrate quadstar data into a top level LabVIEW application :

* Did you achieve DDE data exchange between LabVIEW and QuadStar ?

* Did you not try simple data file exchange ?

* Can quadstar autonomously operate custom data logging tasks, and LabVIEW use the results ?

* How much of the mass spectrometer can be controled from LabVIEW ? Does the user have to interact with quadstar anyway ?

Any inputs welcome.
Cheers - oz
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Re: Re : labview with quadstar 422


why do you use DDE for data acquisition?

just for purposes of convenience or is it necessary to make it work? 

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Re: Re : labview with quadstar 422

It sounds like Quadstar is a program which communicates with the mass spectrometer.  DDE is an interface for communicating between software.  LabVIEW can communicate with any program which has a DDE interface.  I'm not sure of the specifics of the mass spectrometer in question, but some hardware devices only have a proprietary communications protocol that only the manufacturer's software can use, so often the only way to use LabVIEW in that situation is if the device's software has an interface like DDE.


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