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labview voice recognition , how to transfer your voice into MFCC

I am very on labview and  I want to make a voice command program which can tell1.2.3.4, I found a template on the YouTube,        and it is said   "The VI acquires sound from the user,calculates the Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) and compares it with stored MFCC's using Dynamic Time warping (DTW) and thus outputs the recognized command."  



My question is how to transfer your voice into MFCC and store it just like what to programmer do in the following picture.  



and belwing is the code ,it can alreeay tell 5 commands , if you are interested in voice command, it will do a lot of help




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Instead of doing the speech analysis on your own, you can rely on the Windows speech recognition engine to do it for you. There's an example here of how this is done in LV -

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