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labview v8.2 Max & run engine portability

So what you have done is build an installer. That is good.

But you also need to build a Application(exe) file, that the installer will install. This exe file will be your program.


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Thanks for the tip...


I built the application previously and included it in the project.


I tried this way and the application did not show up and the serial driver app did not install

but the Max driver import tool worked...


Is this the correct way to do this?




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Still needs something....


I am not getting the executable file copied over to teh target PC and must not be configuring this correctly.

Here is how it is currently set up: (please see my questions in each picture below)















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OK, now everything works except the new target PC does not set the USB dvice to COM 9 as it was on the development PC.


I have it set up as follows:





And when the Max loads on the target system is looks like this:





And the device is then set to COM 4...


The problem is that I have it hard coded in my application to Com9 :




port setting.JPG


How do I set this up so that it either doesn't matter what port the USB port becomes or how

to set up the port to port 9 on the target system????


Thanks again!

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