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labview use bluetooth driver

Hi, i don't even know which topic this fits into.

I have a school project, were we are working on a USB 6009 And Labview.


We are to develope a battery charger, which is controlled by the USB 6009.

We are to measure values giving us the charge level of the battery.

What we want to do is connect the USB 6009 to a laptop which has a bluetooth device installed,

and try to send the measurements as strings to a wireless device, such as a Samsung Galaxy.


Schematics.pngPlease reply back if you have a solution to how this could be done or have questions.

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You would need to write a program for the smartphone. That sort of help would come from some other forum.

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Hi EdgarZ.



Welcome to the forum 🙂


As far as networking with LabVIEW applications using an Android phone such as your Samsung Galaxy, the only thing we have to offer is the Data Dashboard for LabVIEW.

Data Dashboard for LabVIEW


This will only allow you to view data from your LabVIEW application - you are not able to set any variables (write data from your phone to LabVIEW). The only portable device that can currently be used for both read / write is the Apple iPad (at least iPad 2).

Enhancements to the Data Dashboard App

I hope this information will be of some help. If this cannot be used, you will have to develop your own Android App (or find one in the market that meet these requirements).


Best Regards

Alex E. Munkhaus
Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)
System Engineer
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Wow thanks for the reply! Sorry for this late answer,


I think this will do. My objective for this is combining 2 courses.

One course on labview and USB 6009 with a semester project

and the other on DAMP, Developing Android for Mobile Platforms.


So i have the create an app anyway.

So if that app online can view data from labview, and transmit the data to my other app (that i will create)

That would give me a loading bar of the voltages from labview.


-One question.

The APP online, does it connect to labview via wifi or bluetooth or cable? how?

I haven't gotten around to play with it yet.


Thank you so much!

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