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labview psk modulation and demodulation of a bitstream

i am new to labview and im trying to basically get a binary bitstream from a microcontroller, input it to labview, psk modulate it onto a carrier, send it across a channel and then receive and demodulate it to my original binary bitstream. 


i have the modulation toolkit and have found the PSK modulate/demodulate vi's but i have no clue how to:


- find a way to generate a dummy binary bitstream (to then modulate, for testing purposes)

- modulate the bitstream using PSK 

- demodulate from PSK back to a carrier


any help appreciated as i have been oulling my hair out for quite some time over this little project

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I think I got a place for you to get started

a)  --> check the tutorials section

b)    --> PSK explained

c) --> Write binary file with LabVIEW


When you really have time it is handy to go through 


Best of luck!





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