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labview no longer runs after windows update

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Haven't tried the .ini rename, will attempt.

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Rename didn't work - it did successfully force Labview to reset to default configuration, in that the info box opened at launch that you usually say "don't show again", but it then subsequently hung once again (couldn't even close box).


Trying the reinstall - takes a long time.

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Full reinstall did not work - exactly the same problem, hangs at startup.


Not sure it matters at this point given that uninstall / reinstall takes upward of 2-3 hours to attempt to fresh install 3 times in a row.

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What I mean is that uninstall / reinstall once takes 2-3 hours, so 3 times is ridiculous.


My opinion is that Labview 2012 is not compatable with Windows XP.  I am going back to Labview 2011 and will see whether this works.

I also found a thread suggesting there is a conflict with the virus scanner, but turning it off didn't help.

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I assume unplugging network cable doesn't help? It's been some issues previously people have had with connection attempts to ni server at startup.



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Have you tried removing the updates in Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs? You may have to check the box to display updates.



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Accepted by topic author bagman27

Thanks for the suggestions - I was running it with network unplugged, and it didn't help.  Also - I did uninstall one of the updates, and this did not help.  The other update says under its description that it is not possible to uninstall. 

I installed Labview 2011 SP1 and it works.  So as far as I can tell Labview 2012 is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows XP.  If you are running your Labview system in your lab on XP and it is working and you haven't upgraded yet to 2012, don't do it!  You will be in for a world of pain.


Someone at NI QC needs to be told that 2012 is not compatible with XP!


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That is not true.


I've had no problems using LabVIEW 12 with Windows XP.

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I suspect that there is an underlying problem on your OS. The update must have effected another program (depending on what settings you have and what you have installed) and in turn effected labview (perhaps through registry settings). I too have LabView 2012 on XP Professional on laptop and it works fine. The only problems I had was sometime ago when I had to do clean install for labview several times because of some security update from windows (hate those). Either way, its good that you have something to work with at least, and hopefully no more trouble.



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Ok - I'm glad other people are able to run Labview 2012 on XP.  We've just had a 2nd computer go down with the same problem (different build) - so we are planning to revert to 2011 on all XP machines. 


You are likely right, we are running Symantec Endpoint Protection, maybe it combined with the XP updates are causing an issue.  We have very little else on the machines for the reason that we don't want large numbers of program permutations mucking up data collection.


However, in today's world of hacking, security updates are important.  If a company can't keep its software functional with security updates then in my opinion that is the definition of incompatible.  I understand that these things crop up with software and cause bugs, but to have the entire software package go down?  That's incompatible.  Someone above said they had to do 3 clean installs in a row and then it majically worked.  Incompatible - I don't have time to waste on endless installs in the hopes that this one will work this time.


Yeah, we can take all our machines off the network and never update them again - or we can go back to 2011 which seems to work just fine.  The point is that NI needs to be aware there are fundamental compatability problems with the current 2012 version - and it needs to be fixed. 

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