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labview is unable to read mindwave by default


hello everyone

i am using Neurosky MindWave to communicate with labView for automation purposes.The only hindrance with the project is about the frequent disconnection of MindWave.the RF dongle doesn't get connected to labview untill and unless i open appcentral connect the device and then close the game as fast as i could to start labview vi.But this is not the solution i must be doing something totally wrong here

what i wanted to ask is that, is there anyway to make the usb rf dongle open in labview by default or read it when its being used by any appcentral game?

help would be appreciated


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Hi emmacool,


When you say the dongle isn't "connected to LabVIEW," what do you mean? How are you trying to interface with the USB device? And what are you connecting this dongle to; you mentioning AppCentral leads me to believe this is a mobile device (tablet maybe?). And it looks like NeuroSky puts out a LabVIEW driver, are you using that?



Applications Engr., NI

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*app central are the default applications which I got with the CD.
*I am using laptop and the USB device is RF dongle
*Yes I am using the Nuerosky driver
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That answers some questions, but we still have no idea how this program/application is supposed to work. What did you mean by "connecting to the USB device"? Are you addressing the device through VISA commands? Do you get an error when you run the code, or is the USB device just not available? Essentially, how is this program supposed to work and what is it not doing in your instance?

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Cason_Point thanks for your response,i have started thinkgear connector on startup therefore when i open labview i can access it easily.

i have a new problem now which i have started as a new thread 😄

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