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labview imaq flickering image

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My name i s Andreas and i have problem with flickering images on the display. I tried to use snapshot to no avail. I have also read that you can use property node picture erase first, but the thing i is cant use it because its says that

the property is not valid for this class. the display gets imaqimages. Do i need to convert the images so that is supports the property?

I have attaced the file below. The display is in the data dislpay loop.


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At a guess without the full code I would guess you are thresholding the flickering image. The images working slightly differently to most wires in LabVIEW. The value on the wire is a reference to the image so that we do not pass round huge chunks of data. Outside of your loops make sure to create an image for eachstage of your image processing. Every Vision VI that you use that has a destination image should have that wired to the corresponding image that you created outside of the loop. 


The display gets mapped to the chunk of memory that has the image in it. If the image changes then so does the display. If you change the image through lots of operations the display will flicker.


Try that and see if it fixes the problem, otherwise you will need to post the entire project so we can see what happens in the subVIs.



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thank you Mike for your answer. i have attaced the the whole project below . I would be very glad if you could take a look at it.



The images should come from acquisition side camera message Then under aquire case. Acquisition side camera lvlib;aquire vi and the under . acquisition side camera lvlib;aquire picture vi



Regards Andreas



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Hi Mike I did as you instructed and it worked!


Thank you very much for your answer. You dont need take a look at it anymore.

Regards Andreas 

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