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labview for tablets/mobiles


Hi I have an already program developed which communicates with charge controller, electrical vehicle battery prototype via ethernet using communication modules such as cRIO, NI 9411/9421/9074. I want such a program to be available on Windows/Android based tablets/ mobile phones. Will Data Dashboard for LabVIEW help? What are the steps I should follow? (I'm a newbie with LabVIEW so I may sound a bit vague.) Also it is possible to communicate via the modules using WiFi instead of ethernet? If yes, how?

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My program is attached herewith. Some of them may seem unwired due to the connection with the modules and missing subVIs. Also can it be used for accessing multiple tabs in the program?


( is the main program)

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the lvproj file does not contain any code. You need to include the actual VIs too.

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Here it is. The whole folder is too large to attach, here is the main program. the visiblity of tabs is password protected.

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