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labview executable with .net library

I am building a labview executable which uses a .net library. I am new to this and have some general questions.


1) Once the executable is built, how does labview read the .cs files ?


2) When i build the executable, i notice the data folder is only populated with the .dll's but not the .xml's or .exe's or .pdb's necessary to run the project...Does this need to be done manually?


3) I have modified one of my .cs files prior to building the executable yet for some reason i dont see the update reflected in the executable (this ties back to my first question)




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Hi Dweiss,


Labview will always be calling directly into the DLLs (hence the lack of .cs or .xml in your executable).  Are you creating an installer, or just an executable? And are you including any file beyond just the dependencies (i.e.DLLs that your VI is specifically calling into) in your installer?


Also, is there a specific issue or problem that you're running into with your executable?




James McNicol

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

James M. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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