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labview drivers for Prisma QMS


I crosschecked with the document my collegue have regarding Quadera and W10. ( that i should have carrefully read in the first place)

In fact it is all explain in it but i just didn't read it properly.
What is said in the paper is that DCOM authentification level needs to be set to connect so applications can be installed on W10 ( as well as updates)

but to Connect to a RGA it needs to be set to ''none'' otherwise it won't connect.


Basically, all what is needed is to set the authentification level to ''none'' to be able to connect Quadera to the RGA, but you will have to turn it back to connect if you need to do windows updates or install softwares.
I believe I should have read the documentation more carefully before digging that much and complaining. At least i learned a lot of stuff in the process.


Hope this helps.



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Hi Gernot,


I am trying to connect QME 200 through serial port can you help me in this regard.

I am looking for some basic communication throw serial if you share some basic code it will be appreciable.




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Hi Antoine, thanks a lot for your suggestions. 

Unfortunately till now I was unable to connect with Quadera to a Prisma Plus on Windows 10 newest version.

Also with your suggestions. 

I'll try it on another computer and tell you if it works or not .

Best regards 


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Dear Gernnot i also trying to connect QMS 200 throw serial communication over the baud rate of 9600 but unfortunately it doesnt work, can you help me in this regard.

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Here are a few vi's which may help you.

It is not so easy and not manageable without understanding the communication manual.

This vi' are only for the fundamental serial communication.

Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Hi Antoine, now Quadera works fine when level is set to none . 

When I set it to connect all other things seems ok. 

Thanks for your help 


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Dear Gernot,

Thanks for the basic serial communication file, I just made my own code by using the attachment but unfortunately its not working, I am  just trying to activate the filament through labview so I can confirm that the device is linked and communicating. Help required.

Thanks in advance




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I have extracted some other code part which is attached here.

The main vi in this zip folder is the connect to machine.

This should work to initialize the quad.


Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Dear All "Mainly Taufee"


This thread seems to become very confusing.


There are two completely different Prisma QMS in our world.


One is the original Prisma which communicates via serial port.

The other one is the Prisma plus which communicates via ethernet and OPC DA protocol. This quadrupole can not communicate via RS232.


The third version is the upcoming Prisma Pro which also will communicate via ethernet but with a JSON style protocol and without OPC and all the fu….. DCOM stuff.


Please remember this when posting into this thread as we do not remember any longer which Prisma QMS you are interested in 

Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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We use the .NET toolkit from softing within labview. (moved from the Softing ActiveX toolkit).


what is the price of Softing toolkit? it's a onetime payment. Can I use it with inficon 700?


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