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labview drivers for Prisma QMS

Dear Gernot,


In case of using the softing toolkit, we have to write the script base program in visual basic or visual studio for establishing connectivity between OPC server (Prisma) and Client (Labview)?


Best Regards. 

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No we did not have to write an extra interface for LabVIEW , we used the softing .NET client directly. But we are not aware if the Softing .NET OPC DA client ist still officially available. They mainly moved to OPC UA.


Hope this helps

Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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I don't rember the price of Sofing OPC toolkit. It was available a one time payment but these conditions are changing over time.

It was working with inficon QMG 700.

Gernot Hanel
IONICON Analytik Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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Thanks for your reply, it is also connected through visual basic API as well.


Best Regards, 

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Hi everybody,
I'm a student based in Rome and I'm working on my thesis. I found some issues connecting a QMG220 with Labview.
I'm pursuing two different approach, the first (1) is the one suggested by Pfeiffer's manual (OPC tunnel connection), and the second (2) one is to use an OPC server client directly from Labview bypassing the tunnel connection.
Here my problems with the two approach:
(1) can't find the exact URL to connect the quadrupole
(2) even if I can can see and browse the OPC items using OPC quick client, i can't browse the tree in Labview.

Thank you in advance for the help!

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