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labview dll


I m trying to create a mobile testing software for mobiles with mediatek processors....

For this I m trying to use DLL library and headers to send command to phone.....

But always I m getting error wen I m trying to create shared libraries from DLL and header....



Any one know about mediatek processor pls help me with supporting DLL and header....


Thank u in advance.....

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Hey paripoornan,


Below I have linked a KB that goes through the process of calling a DLL from LabVIEW


How Do I Call a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) from LabVIEW?



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Thanks for you reply.... But I m already using DLL library....

But I need help for mediatek and meta DLL and header .....



Hope I can find some help....

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I think if your question lies more on the side of Mediatek, your best bet would be to post on the xda forums.


What are you doing on the LabVIEW side of things? We would be happy to help if you have any issues relating to LabVIEW code or interfacing with NI hardware!



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What are you trying to do. Mediatek are as far as I know ARM based SoC and then you are most likely completely barking up the wrong tree. The only ARM based LabVIEW version is for the NI embedded RT platforms and (for non-commercial use) the Linx based interface to run on Raspi and Beaglebone Black boards. All of them are NOT Windows based (neither desktop nor phone version) and therefore can't do anything with DLLs.


LabVIEW desktop for Windows is Windows based but DLLs created with this version are binary compiled for the x86 platform and will absolutely not run on an ARM based Windows RT/phone or whatever similar platform! They only can be used on a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise system or Windows 7 Embedded on x86 CPUs.


It specifically will not run on any Windows Embedded Compact version or their derivatives like Core, Mobile, POS and whatever, as these systems can only run Universal apps which need to be compiled in platform independent .Net intermediate code format, which LabVIEW doesn't create (and end users can only install software on them from the Windows market).

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