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labview crashes when trying to use bar graph

Hi all; I am trying to make a 3D Bar or 3D Pie chart but LabVIEW crashes and shut down. When I try to pick up 3D Bar graph from controls to the front panel, LabVIEW shuts down without giving any error. I was using LabVIEW 2011 and now using LabVIEW 2012 evaluation version but the problem is same on both versions. I am using windows XP. 

Any suggestions? 


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Hi Alarmhandling,


Can you get a screen shot of the crash message? Sounds like LabVIEW needs repairing or maybe if its an old machine its not meeting the system requirements for LabVIEW. I would start by checking the computers spec against the requirements for LabVIEW. You can find you computers spec by typing dxdiag into the run menu on XP and the requirements for LabVIEW can be found here.



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There has been reports about crashes like this in the past. There is already a CAR filed on this with LV 2009 which seems still to be "unaddressed". It is listed in e.g. the LV 2010 known issues.


Since the source of the crash is a result of an incompatibility between OS, graphic driver (device) and OpenGL, i doubt that there is much NI as company can do about it.


So i ask you to follow the suggested updates/test and see if the crash persists.



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