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labview canopen library installed but library not found

Hi guys



I installed Canopen library 2.7.4 and it is installed successfully, but the library is not found. I used Canopen library before. But this time, I even can not find canopen.llb using windows search. I can not find any Canopen vis in the labview. 

 I am using labview 2012 and windows 7 32 bit on PXIe 8133, and PXIe 8461 canopen card is also on the chassis. does anyone have idea?


Best Regards 



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Hi Gary,


Thanks for posting.

The CANopen library has been replaced with NI CAN and NI XNET drivers. All the functionality contained in the CANopen library can now be found in the new NI CAN VIs. These VIs can be found in the Measurement I/O pallet under "CAN". The CAN pallet contains two sub-pallets, "Channel API" and Frame API". Some more information on the functionality of these two APIs can be found at the following link:

NI-CAN Channel and Frame API -

If you have not done so already you may also need to download NI XNET which can be found at the following link:

NI-XNET 1.7 -





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