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labview Web method can not get my post data

Hi,professionals, I want to do some data collections by labview web service. there is no need to be much complex ,just upload some data and an attached file . but :


at first ,I use an add function by GET method , en, it works well ,after i fill in the number inbox in chrome(open the indexuploaddd.html , sorry ,the name is not standard ) and click "submit" button,I can indeed see the variables change on labview front pannel .


secondly ,I do the file upload. I use the index2.html in chrome , choose a file in submit it , en , file upload succeed . BUT, the value a cannot transfer to the front pannel's control box. I searched the forums , but can not find a direct answer , sorry , I am not good at net technology ,I need a direct instruction .



From my view , the GET function can properly send single data to the server ,but the POST function can just do file update , I can not find a way to transfer single data by POST , as well as I can not find a method to upload file by GET function .I need to make them together .


the attached file is my source code . forgive me for it is not english version .but I dare not to transform it , in case I destory it so as to restrict your judgement.   the useful information&file are just index2.html and the indexupdateddd.html and the VIs' settings, you can ignore other boring Chinese words.


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Maybe use a PUT?


GET is for retrieving (although often functions as PUT), POST is for requesting actions, PUT is for storing entities.


Not sure if that will do the trick. Not sure if it's possible at all...

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