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labview 8.5 can't find build application

how do I find the build application? I have used Labview when 6.1 was out and then none for many years. I am just starting again because I to develop system controls and GUI etc  needs. I have the Labview 8.5 pro on Win 7 pro with 32 bit XP virtual machine installed. I can develop control GUI's on Labview and work it etc etc. But, the Build appplication can't be found, I need to build stand alone .exe for running on other machines within lab from my development PC. I am attaching a .jpg for you to look at. Any one can help, I will appreciated it Thanks.

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For creating an installer for your application, you need to build an project for the same.

Follow this link for it :

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Puneet, Thanks for your swift reply. I am not quite follow. I have looked at that same link after, I have posted the question. As you can see on my attached .jpg on the earlier post, I can see the build, build all, run from the Project tab. But, none of them are 'active' no highlighted, its seems I need to activate something?! 


you say; for creating an installer for my application, I need to build an project for the same. Can you elebrate on that please? I thought I saved it as a .VI, do you mean, I should save my project as something else?


The NI link talks of look from the 'project explorer' and/or 'my computer', I don't sems to able to find through either omne of them.


I would most appricate if you can help further, or anyone else can for that matter.



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Things have changed considereably since 6.1.To creat an exe, you have to first create a project. As your image shows, select New Project. You can add your existing VI to the project. Refer to the help for details on the project ag and building applications.

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Open LabVIEW >>> Create Empty Project >>> Add folder or files in the project using this link


Save project and then use previous link for builing an executable for the application.

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Great to hear this.

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