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labview 2020 icon editor problem


Hello all,

i get the below error when i try to edit icon.please help me out


Error 7 occurred at File/Directory Info in lv_icon.lvlibp:Check>lv_icon.lvlibp:Write PNG>lv_icon.lvlibp:Icon Editor First>>>lv_icon.lvlibp:Icon Editor Init>lv_icon.lvlibp:Classes>>


Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: (Hex 0x7) File not found. The file might be in a different location or deleted. Use the command prompt or the file explorer to verify that the path is correct.
Nonexistent GPIB interface.


C:\Users\harij\OneDrive\?????????\LabVIEW Data\Glyphs


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I'd be suspicious about putting anything on One Drive.  It seems that an issue with synchronization could be causing a problem

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how do i change that actually i just installed it and i didn't customise anything.

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LabVIEW Data is under the user's Documents folder.


So don't put the Documents folder in One Drive.

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Actually now i have disconnected the onedrive.i have uninstalled labview and ni package manager completely and installed once gain.yet i am facing the problem.

i dont find glyph and icon template folder under usr/document/labviewdata there is only one called LV internalreport.


I found instructions to update the icon library manually (, however the option to manually sync never comes up as the dialog box just closes and reverts me back to the Icon Editor.

attached image for your reference.


are there any way to change the path??


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i have solved the issue.

sol :

tools-->options--->paths-->default directory.choose glyph folder.

if this is not installed automatically you need to download icon source file for your corresponding labview version.

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