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labview 2019 programming robotic


I have a question about programming with labview 2019.
I want to program a robot (beginner).

My current favorite is the Lego Mindstrom NXT/ EV3.

As I understood it until now, it is only possible to program the Labiew 2014 - 2018.


Is it not possible with the Labview 2019?
If not, do I have any alternative?


Many thanks for the help

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Hello Auroshika


Great to see a Lego hobbyist here. If you are particular about using Lego Mindstrom with LabVIEW, the latest version that Lego drivers supports is LabVIEW 2016. You will have to install LV16 to proceed. Refer the link below.

Also try LINX toolkits if you are interested in programming a Arduino or Raspberry Pi with LabVIEW.



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