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labview 2016 app builder and installer

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after building an executable on one computer and installing it on another with the ni installer, the front panel controls overlap, the fonts and graphics (rasied box etc) are bumping into each other overlapping with other objects, text etc. How can I fix it? Made sure window size was set to maintain proportions on different monitors. Installer did have a XXXXX.ini file (name of my startup vi) but no labview.ini (configuration information?). Any ideas? Thanks.

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Accepted by topic author gtb1234
10-08-2016 10:22 AM

Right-click your display on the Windows desktop, Select Personalize, then Select Display. Check what the fonts are set to, either 100, 125, or 150%. Depending on what was set when you built your VI, this could be the difference. You can change this to match the other computer or do the following.


Edit the INI file for your Application with the following lines:

FPFont="Segoe UI" 15
appFont="Segoe UI" 15
dialogFont="Segoe UI" 15
systemFont="Segoe UI" 15
BDFont="Segoe UI" 15


(Use Your Font & Size, Segoe UI is Windows 7 Default).




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Thanks for the quick response and answers. I will give the ini file edit a try. Hopefully this will allow distribution to many unknown win7 to win10 computers.


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Changing the .ini file worked for installation on my laptop / win7. Will try on others as time goes on. Thanks again.

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