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labview 2013 is pretty slow

Hi all,

  I am using labview 7 for long time and just got a copy of new labview (2013) recently. My computer is not fast and only have 1G memory. Running labview 7 is fast enough (no bad). I installed labwindows 2013 last week, it is running fast. But today, I install labview 2013, it seems pretty slow. Does the labview required big memory to run, is that anyway or any service from NI I can switch off so to speed it up? Thanks.

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You may refer this according to the modules you installed.


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P@Anand wrote:

You may refer this according to the modules you installed.

Thanks. I check that and my computer satisfy the requirement. I also try to install a new OS (windows xp) for LV2013 but it still slow. I just find that many NI services are running in the background. But I don't know if any of them could be disabled or not.

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Note that the minimum requirements for LabVIEW 2013 (as linked above) are 1 GB of RAM.  This is the minimum required to use the software- depending on what you're attempting to do, I wouldn't expect top-notch performance. If you're using Windows 7, 1GB is also the minimum Microsoft lists as required for the OS to even operate normally. Besides that, what sort of CPU does this computer have?  How much RAM is LabVIEW using when you launch it?


LabVIEW 7 was released in 2003 or thereabouts, so you could probably get away with a lower-performance machine.



Tom L.
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A windows 7 computer with 1GB of RAM is severly underequipped these days. Modern software has become extremely RAM hungry, especially browsers that run each tab in its own process. There will be very little left for LabVIEW to nibble. Even 2GB is the absolute minimum.


Ram is cheap these days and has the largest impact on computer performance. Can you upgrade?


Yes, older LabVIEW versions are leaner because they have fewer features. My LabVIEW 4.0 computer only had 64MB of RAM under windows 95 and that was plenty at the time. Hard drive was 1.2GB. 😄


You might also check your computer for spyware and other crap. An annoying culprit is e.g. macafee scecurity scamn plus that is sometimes bundled with java and adobe updates or similar (unless you uncheck the box). (here are my recent benchmarks).

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