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labview 2010 SP1 - How to install just the labVIEW and remote panel

Hi all


I am currently using a licensed version of LabVIEW 2010 SP1. It came up with 6 to 7 DVD’s each of them containing around 5 GB of data. Installing all these stuffs eats up around 30 GB of ma C drive.

My project just deals with 2 EPOS controllers controlling 2 of maxon EC motors and these 2 EPOS controllers are communicating via USB port with the client PC. This client PC have to be monitored and controlled remotely by host PC containing the same LabVIEW version.

To do this, do I have to install all of these 7 DVD’s or just enough to download the “LabVIEW for education 2010 SP1” from the NI website, available in the below link “,ssnavSmiley Tonguedl/


Awaiting for your reply  friends.


Thanks in advance

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I don't understand your question. Your subject mentions remote panels and then youstart talking about different versions and the number of DVDs. If you want to control a remote panel, all you need on the client pc is the LabVIEW runtime.
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I was asking about what are the items that i need in the server PC (in client, i got the labVIEW runtime already).  I just wanna know if we download "LabVIEW for education 2010 SP1" from NI website, does it come up with run time engine or i have to downlaod and install it seperately. Can you explain about my query please.

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LabVIEW for education is a special edition of LabVIEW skinned and scoped for classroom use (see here ). I am not sure why you are even bringing this into the discussion. Is this a high school project? Please clarify.


The 2012 SP1 standard run time engine can be downloaded freely from here. Maybe all you need is the minimum version of same.

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