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keithley 2401, compliance


I am looking for the option to change the compliance of the Keithley 2401 in labview.

How I can do this?

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If you use the driver found here -


Then when you configure the sense options one of the parameters is to set the compliance.


The SCPI command is something like..


Smiley FrustratedENS:CURRSmiley TongueROT 10E-3


To set a 10mA compliance when sourcing voltage or..


Smiley FrustratedENS:VOLTSmiley TongueROT 10


To set a 10V compliance when sourcing current.


Read the manual to get the limits of the compliance right if you are using a fixed range measurement.  

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I thank you very much

Unfortunately I did not find driver for the configuration of the sense options.

Can you help me with this?

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If you download the driver, look at the VI tree and select the VI "Configure" then one of the outputs is the compliance level.





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