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jtag boundary scan for fucntional test

Most of the JTAG information on the groups refers to programming of
devices over the JTAG port and most commercial packages seem grossly
over-the-top for what I want.

I want to use boundary scan to take a snapshot of the pins of a XILINX
XPLA3 CPLD during functional test and read this data over the JTAG
port. I don't want a stand alone package, but a dll that will enable
us to call appropriate functions from within out LabVIEW software
(either a vi or a c/c++ fucntion that can be called). This could be
commercial or homegrown. Just as good would inforamtion/examples on
driving the JTAG pins.
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Where I used to work, we used JTAG in the production environment to test the basic connectivity and operation of ocb's prior to the full functional test. We used a in-house test executive derived from the NI CVI toolkit, and a series of generic instrument modules underneath this to provide the instrument support. One of these instrument drivers was to talk to the JTAG S/W... The basic JTAG s/w used was from a company called JTAG Technology based in Holland. Originally they provided a DDE inteface to their s/w, so basically the JTAG instrument driver acted as a DDE client, and packaged messages from the test executive through to the JTAG s/w. Later on they released a DLL version of the JTAG s/w with (so say) a CVI interface... I'm not sure how that went, as I left t
he company shortly after, but it may be a way forward for you...
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