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its a strange behaviour of PXI.,....PXI 7830R card Digital output goes high when i stop the execution.

I am using PXI 7830R for source 3.4 v from connector 1. when i am executing the code, i am able to control the digital output, but when i stop the execution, channel 3 and 5 output automatically goes to high. how to troubleshoot this.....please help me.....
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Have you tried adding shut-down code to the end of your VI that manually sets all DIO channels low?  When you stop a VI the DIO should stay at the state in which the VI ends.  How are you stopping the VI?  Do you just have a stop button the ends a loop or are you force aborting it?  Also are you stopping the host VI or the FPGA VI?


PS.  Duplicate post here 

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