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issues with NI skyline product and rabbitmq server...

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Has anyone encountered this or know anything about it?  was there already an embedded version of rabbitmq installed because I have NI Skyline products (I have no idea what skyline is or what it does or how it got on my machine)?


Unless there was already a version of rabbitmq installed that isnt visible, It APPEARS (i could be wrong) that the NI Skyline service/software somehow changed the default path variables in windows to use its own rabbitmq config files - as well as delete or replace the default user/pw guest/guest (it created a user "niskyline" as admin) - I've uninstalled and reinstalled rabbitmq and erlang (it's not a simple process) like 10 times at this point.


There is no "NI Skyline" listed in NI installed products so I dont even know how I ended up installing it.


this is frustrating.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Am I doing something wrong here?


Thanks in advance...





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looks like RMQ is in NI's installation of something... 




and some app to reconfigure it as a client...


So in this case it could be that the RMQ I installed simply updated the one I didnt know was there...  but I don't understand how the path variables etc are overwritten each time I uninstall and reinstall...  I guess it runs the reconfig everytime it has an issue with the rmq server...  I renamed the folder with all this stuff in it and now there's only a few items - the exchanges and the listener ports in the RMQ server that are still reconfigured somehow, must be different process doing it?


NI Skyline software changes the port of the RMQ listeners to default+1.  I need to change that back - it's normally done with a config file, but I can't figure out where that's located with a normal installation.


RMQ's documentation is pretty awesome, but the path var they call out is one being changed by NI's software i think so I'm not sure how to... not let that happen



I think my number one complaint here is that there is no uninstaller for systemlink/skyline, or at least not one I can find.


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NI Skyline is a distributed communication framework that is used by the SystemLink components that install with LabVIEW, FlexLogger, and several other NI products.


Under the hood it uses RabbitMQ for transferring data between applications and various services.


The configuration for RabbitMQ is stored under C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Skyline\SkylineConfigurations\skyline_localhost.json.

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You can also uninstall RabbitMQ using the NI Package Manager if you click on the gear icon and enable the option to show the hidden infrastructure packages.  Then search for rabbit from the Installed tab and select the package and click uninstall.  It should show you a preview of all of the NI products that depend on it, which will also be uninstalled.

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Thanks for the great info!


There are no results for Skyline or Rabbit when searched for...  does the SystemLink service need to be running for the package manager to find it?


Is it possible to uninstall Skyline?


thanks again!

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Accepted by topic author p27

Are you sure you have this option checked?

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 9.19.36 AM.png


Also, make sure you uncheck the "Products only" option. Should look like this when the show hidden option is enabled and you search for rabbit or skyline, which both can be uninstalled but may uninstall other NI products IF they depend on its functionality.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 9.20.01 AM.png

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[edit- you were right haha]


I had the "products only" checked.




needs to be unchecked...


I'll uninstall and report back...


Thanks again!


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