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is there a way to find out if there were any user actions in windows?

I have an application in LV6.1 and i want it to go in an 'idle-state' if there was no user action in windows.
for example: after 10min. (like a screensaver that activates after a certain time.)
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LabVIEW 6.1 has a new structure for user driven events. The event structure has a timeout case which can be set for 600,000ms (10min). When the event fires the timeout , the code in the frame will execute. This s where you would put the screen saver code. You will need to also create a second event case that will trigger on mouse cliking on the application. This case will do nothing other than reseting the timeout case. This event structure should be placed in a while loop and probably in parallel to your present code. Be sure to read the online LV help and warnings about the event structure. Thirty minutes of reading will save you hours of headache.
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