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is my approach correct?

hi all,
i am now developing a activeX system which is let the C++ program to call Labview ActiveX server. However I am really doubt if my approach is correct. So now i develop a very simple activeX system that reading a number in C++ console mode and then C++ call labview reference and pass the number in labview server via VI reference and call method. Can everyone give me some suggestions?
(1) for C++ program, i have modified the source node from the code example. I just modify the path of VI and some very basic call.
(2) for LabView, i just simply add the indicator and the variant to data function block. also i have enable ActiveX server for that program. However, I didnt do anything ELSE.
I am really confused if this approach
works. because when i run the exe file from C++, fatal error occur.
So can anyone give me suggestion or the specific idea about how to deal with it?
thanks for help so much.

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When you put:

pVI->SetControlValue("answer", "number");

"number" is the string "number", not your number variable. You would need to convert number into an asci string using something like sprintf. Or, you can use a VARIANT type.

VARIANT number;

number.vt = VT_INT;
cin >> number.intVal;
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I couldn't get your simple server to load up, something about a resource not being available. I've been struggling with Labview myself and I was hoping to use yours as a template. If you do have a version that works, please let me know. Thanx.
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