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is it possible to edit the .ini of an executable and be able to add the desired ip addresses for browser access?

Hi, I created an executable and would like to add browser access ip addresses. Can this be done by editing the corresponding .ini file
if so how should I add a new line or can I modified an existing one (key).
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You can copy the relevant lines from the LabVIEW.ini file and paste them into the app's INI file under the [APPNAME] section. If you build your app with the menus visible, you can also enter the options screen and change these, so that they are entered into the INI file through that interface.

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Hi, I do not have access to the menu. I don't think I follow you!
can you post how the line with the ip addresses  should read in the .ini file  
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These lines, for example, enable access for everyone:


Other lines can set things like the port number, but I don't have them at the moment because I use the default. If you search the LAVA wiki, you should find an article about INI settings you can use.

As I said, if you compile the executable and use the original LabVIEW menu structure (VI Properties>>Window Appearance>>Customize>>Show Menu Bar), you will have the option of going into the Options screen of the application. In there, you will be able to set this. You can then compile the application again without the menus visible.

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Complete list of LabVIEW ini keys can be found here:

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