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interfacing the laptop webcam with labview


I would like to capture images using the in-built webcam that came with my ASUS EEEPC 1000. I have installed LabVIEW 2010 and am using it on Fedora 13. I do not have NI IMAQ installed, which I thought was preferred way to go about it. I do have the NI-VISA installed. I do not have any experience in writing a driver in/for LabVIEW but if it is required, it would be a good experience. 

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hi fchandur@gmail,

  Yes you can acquire the webcam using avicap32.dll.Check out the attachment.


Thanks and regards,


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The VI doesn't really work. I had anticipated it when .dll file was mentioned. I am using a Linux machine and it is for that I am looking for a solution. Thanks.

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Hey fchandur,


You should know that NI doesn't officially support Fedora. If you want to create your dll in Linux, you should go to this KB


Hope it helps!

Best of luck.. 



A. Zaatari

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Hello! I have tested your script and found that it can only be ran once without problems because you never closed the reference to the camera. 

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Have you tried 'AD Vision Toolkit (or ADV Toolkit) is a free image processing toolkit for LabVIEW.'

Link :


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I got what I needed! I am able to use my webcam using NI-IMAQdx(30-day Trial). 

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Hi i am facing the same problem with my webcam.

I am doing project in labview and i want to use my lapatop's camera for online video input.

I am doing this project on my Dell laptop with windows 7 operating system. And i am using Labview 2011 with  vision aquisition in it, but not vision builder.

Is vision builder required for this capturing this process.?

Please let me know if you can clear my problem. 

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Hi ajita24patil,


Vision Builder is not required for acquiring images. If you are using a Webcam you will need to have NI-IMAQdx installed which comes with Vision Acquisition. You said you’re seeing the “sample problem”. Can you please elaborate? What is your issue and what is not working?


Tim O

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I can only run this VI once and it works perfectly, then when I hit "STOP" or "ABORT" the program stops and when I try to relaunch it, I have to choose which camera to monitor and I choose the same exact one and it doesn't show anything but a black screen and the LED above my webcam stays on even after I close out of labview completely thus telling me that the camera is still open or being referenced, therefore the code is at fault.

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