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interfacing multisim with real world hardware

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Lab view is a completely new software to me....I am trying to findout, Is it possible to interfac multisim with labview to the reald harware circuit which I need to design to test the functional and test parameters of a real world opamps in an automated way using the loop events. Could someone help me out please

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If you want people to help you, you will have to give some additionnal information... ^^


Can you explain the general architecture of your system ? (inputs, outputs...and do not forget that a draw is sometimes more efficient to explain things than too many words 😉 )

Can you give some examples about the tests you need to do ? (for instance : generating a digital signal on pin X of your device for activating one mode or another...and then measuring 100 analog data points, with a 1000 Hz sampling rate, from another pin of your device...and then displaying results into a graph, and logging results into a file, etc...)

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The need to test input offset, output offset, gain, slew rate, bias current for the DUT using labview. My project is in developmet phase and I dont have any circuit yet. Firstly I need to find all the possible ways to automate the complete procedure.....


 I just wanted to know whether the hardware circuit which I have to design can be interfaced with multisim using labview to get it completely automated or not. Thankyou in advance

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I don't know multisim but I guess that this article will answer your question :


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Thanks alot....

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Accepted by topic author pratheek

This is the reply I got from technical support of NI 


"Although it is technically possible for you to use Multisim and LabVIEW  with real world data, we do not recommend it.  Multisim is not a real-time simulator and even for a small circuit, it could take the simulator several minutes to generate just one second worth of data. Since, Multisim is just too slow when compare real world time, your application won't be very reliable."

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