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interface with hardware through USB,not NI hardware

Hi All,


I wish to interface my hardware through USB using LabView. However,my hardware is not from National Instruments and I wish to know whether LabView can still interface with it. I need it urgently for my project. Hope someone can help. Thanks a lot in advance.


Cheers 😃

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Please don't post the same question of two different places. Although, this is the appropriate forum for your post.


Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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K718 wrote:


I wish to interface my hardware through USB using LabView and I wish to know whether LabView can still interface with it.

Yes LabVIEW can interact with your USB device. Maybe with the help of dll's. Post in detail what exactly you want to accomplish. Then it will easier for us to help you.




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Oh,i'm so sorry for the mistake. I'm new in this forum,will take note of it in future. Thanks.
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Thanks Mathan for your reply.


I'm using a device called Noraxon Telemyo 2400T G2. This is a receiver module with USB connected to laptop. I want to use LabView to read the signal through USB. I read about the use of dll but I have no idea how to use it. Can you help me with it? Thanks so much.

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You really need to start with the vendor. You first need to find out what USB class they are using. Some USB connections will emulate a serial port. If that is so, then communicating is a pretty simple task. When you got the instrument, did you also get a driver disk for it? There would be an inf file that you can look at (or attach for someone else to look at). Does the vendor provide information about interfacing to it with third-party software? Even if they have a dll, you need documentation on the functions in order to use it.
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Hi Dennis,


I manage to get the nxnusb.inf file as you said. But I'm not sure what are the information needed. Would you advice me on it? Thanks a lot. I just hope to display the signal from the receiver onto Labview. Thanks.

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I read through some of the LabView tutorials. I understand that I can use a function called VISA to get the data. But I don't really know how to use it. Hope someone can help me with it. Thanks so much.

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Well, you still have not provided much information with which you can be helped. What's in the inf file? What USB class is it using? If you don't know any of this, post the inf file like I suggested. Does the vendor provide any type of programming interface such as a dll?


Yes, you can use VISA to communicate with USB devices. I would consider this as the last resort option. Preferable would be to use the interface provided by the vendor. For information on how to use VISA, start with the series of Nuggets by Intaris.

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Hi,I think I only have the nxnusb.ini & nxnusb.dll file. I'm not very sure what is the usage for it. I've asked the vendor about the interfacing. He said its possible but its only for experienced programmer. Haha,well,i'm not so sure what he means but thats all he suggested. So I hope someone can help me with this device interface. Thanks a lot.



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